Professional all-material cutters in Canberra
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Custom Design Wood & Metal Cutting Services in Canberra

Our family owned company has 20 years of experience using the most advanced cutting technology to create custom projects for our customers from the unique 1 off or many multiples. We have the ability to cut any material to your specifications.

The secret to our many years of successful trading is providing a service to a high standard with consistency along side convenience & friendly service to all our customers.

Professional all-material cutters in Canberra

How does it work?

The WaterJet cutting system uses high-pressure water and granular abrasive (garnet), combined with compressed air to accurately cut various materials to any shape or size. 

The edge of the material cut by the waterjet is similar to very fine sandblasted finish. The waterjet does not use heat when cutting, and therefore does not distort the material. This results in an end product which requires less finishing time when compared with other cutting methods.

Finest all-material cutting services in Canberra

What can it cut? Anything!

Metals Steel - mild, hardened & stainless, aluminium, copper, brass and even titanium.

Stone Marble, granite, porcelain, sandstone, slate & all man made composites.

Glass Float, laminated, multi-layered and reinforced. Sorry NOT toughened. (NO ONE CAN)

Special Wood of all types, Kevlar, rubber, foam, composites, acrylics, etc.

In addition to waterjet cutting, we now also offer state of the art plasma cutting technology!

Our locally owned & operated company is proud to serve the businesses & general public of Canberra, Queanbeyan & surrounding areas.
Professional all-material cutters in Canberra

For more information about our services, prices and products call us today on 02 6297 2983 !

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